Would you go for a swim in a body of water named Rattlesnake Pool?

Rattlesnake Flume and Pool located in Evans Notch in Western Maine is a favorite swimming hole of daring adventurers. The water reflects the emerald green hue of the mossy rocks and the crisp freshwater will chill you to the bone when you first jump in.

According to NewEnglandWaterfalls.com, the swimming pool isn't very large. In fact, they call it a "dazzlingly attractive swimming hole created inside a giant pothole."

Despite the smaller size, people from all over make the 35-minute hike to the pool to enjoy its frigid waters shaded by the overgrown hemlock trees.

Although cold, the crystal clear waters are irresistible. You'll want to jump right in!

Newenglandwaterfalls.com does note that "both Rattlesnake Flume and Rattlesnake Pool are located on private property," so "leave no trace when visiting." Hopefully, by doing so, the owners of the property will continue to let people visit this incredible spot.

The site states that people should always stick to the Chatham Trail Association trails in this area.

Are you planning on making the trip?


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