Maine is a hotspot for tourists all year round but especially so in the summertime. As locals, we are proud to be ‘Vacationland’, even if that means having to share our state with others.

Our state has been making a name for itself on lists of top travel destinations for many reasons and one of the most recent rankings I saw kind of surprised me.

Have you been to Frenchman’s Hole in Newry? It was listed as a place to visit for an interesting reason.

Frenchman’s Hole in Newery, Maine

Maine is home to many glorious swimming pools open to the public and one special place is Frenchman’s Hole near the Sunday River Ski Resort.

The swimming hole is more than 15 feet deep with no rocks and a sand bottom, making it the perfect spot to jump off the waterfalls into.

Yes, there are waterfalls.

But, the waterfalls aren’t why Frenchman’s Hole was listed as a destination spot in Maine.

Top Skinny Dipping Spots in The World

Yep, that’s the list.

A dating reviews website My Dating Advisor ranked the best skinny dipping spots around the entire world and Maine made itself onto the list.

According to a press release by the website, the study compared 100 nude beaches across the categories of beach quality, safety, weather, and hotel cost and compiled a list of the 23 best skinny dipping spots in the world.

Maine stands proud on that list among places in Croatia, Italy, Australia, and Brazil, as well as 13 other places in the United States.

The destination that placed Maine on the list was, you guessed it, Frenchman’s Hole.

While I haven’t personally visited the site, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t skinny-dipped at at least one of our best swimming holes here in Maine.

Top Skinny Dipping Spots in the United States

Since you’re probably curious about what other states made the list, here ya go:

  • Washougal River, WA
  • Mazo Beach, WI
  • Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, MI
  • Black’s Beach, CA
  • Little Beach, HI
  • Hippie Hollow, TX
  • Strawberry Hot Springs, CO
  • Haulover Beach, FL
  • The Bagby Hot Springs, OE
  • Frenchman’s Hole, ME
  • Gunnison Beach, NJ
  • Baker Beach, CA
  • Yosemite National Park, CA

I’m not surprised about Maine’s placement on this list because we live in a beautiful and pretty secluded place with ample space to run around or swim naked, but I’m just shocked that out of 100 places in the entire freaking world, we were able to make it down to the top 23.

To me, that is surprising.

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