People Magazine finally came out with an article that interests me: the official dogs of each state. Actually, according to them, only 13 states were granted a state dog, including New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Let's start with New Hampshire. Have you ever heard of a Chinook? Well, it's adorable, and it's been the state dog since 2009. According to, this pup got his glorious title from a group of middle schoolers in Bedford.

Now let's talk about Massachusetts' state dog. I wasn't shocked that the Bay State's official dog is the Boston Terrier. Surprise, surprise. It's in the name. But where did it come from? According to, this good boy was Boston University's mascot back in 1922 before being made official by the state in 1979.

Obviously, I'm over here trying to decide what the official dog breed of Maine would be if we could choose one. So here we go. I have seen so many Doodles walking around in Scarborough lately. In Portland, I tend to see a lot of Labs or Golden Retrievers. Believe it or not, at the Forest Ave dog park my pup and I go to, we see a lot of huskies as well. Overall, I'm gonna vote for Retrievers or Doodles are Maine's state dog. Feel free to fight me in the comment section about it!

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