My parents used to LIVE to embarrass my brother and I when we were in school. My dad loved to blast classical music or the oldies station and put the windows down so everyone could hear in the drop off line. I would be sliding down in my seat hoping no one I knew or respected saw me get out of that Chevy Lumina.

Now that I am of parent age, I honestly can't wait to embarrass my children in front of their peers. Isn't that one of the unspoken perks for parenthood? I can't wait to shout to my son: "HEY TIMMY, YOU FORGOT YOUR EPIPEN! AND ALSO, YOU FORGOT TO GIVE MOMMY A BIG 'OLE SMOOTCH!" as I drop him off to Soccer practice.

Josh Gallant, a dad of two from Fremont, New Hampshire, definitely has the right idea! He dressed up like a pretty unicorn and waited for his kids at the bus stop. His kids appear to be young enough that this wasn't detrimental to their social life. In fact, it seems like they kind of enjoyed it!

Josh Gallant via Facebook
Josh Gallant via Facebook

Josh suggested that they really should have a day designated to embarrassing your kids! He shared the above photos with the Fremont NH  Community Facebook page and obviously, everyone loved it! Here are some hilarious comments:

Erika Trulli-Olivas: My kids were telling me there was unicorn at the bus stop… now I know what they were talking about


Marian Guidoboni:
Do that again in about five years!

Turns out Josh isn't the only parent in town greeting his children in costume. Check out Cara Fatout and her trio of a burger, pickle, and whoopie cushion! (oh, you didn't know those three things go together?!)


I love this!! Never stop having fun, people!

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