International fugitive and child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested today in New Hampshire on multiple counts of child trafficking by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The Millionaire heiress was arrested in Bedford New Hampshire at 8:30 today on charges that she conspired and helped groom girls as young as Fifteen inside of Jeffrey Epstein's nefarious child sex operation. What blows my mind as a resident of New England is the fact that this woman lived and had a residence here, and no one knew about it. Think about how many potential victims that could have been caught up in this operation might have been from Northern New England. New England influencer and educator are Jessa McCabe of Lewiston said this on her Facebook page to describe what Northern New Englander's are thinking today.

"[T]hese people are sick, and they're poisoning society.
New Hampshire. She was arrested in New Hampshire. This woman was arrested in my geographical backyard!"

- Jessa McCabe

McCabe is probably not the only person outraged by the charges and the geographical location. It's not always New York City, Pittsburgh, LA; sometimes it's right here. Tonight have some time with your family, hug them let them know that you appreciate them, and protect them so that nothing like this happens in our community again.

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