It's a miracle everyone survived this crash on Black Friday in New Sharon Maine.

Calls started coming into the Franklin County Dispatch about an accident involving several cars and a semi. A tractor-trailer crashed into other vehicles. The videos of the crash are stunning, to say the least. A video from a local business, given to WABI TV5 provided by Heather Cloutier is hard to watch.



It's nothing short of a miracle that everyone survived this crash. Freezing rain was making Mile Hill Road an ice rink. Several cars had already pulled over when Jean Fanfan from Mass lost control on the road. He first hit a Subaru driven by 30-year-old Julie Burdin from Strong.  The cab goes left and his trailer pivoted around 180 degrees and slammed into another Subaru this one driven by 62-year-old Nancy Lloyd from Falmouth.

Nancy Lloyd was standing outside of her car and was on the phone when the trailer slammed into her vehicle sideways. She dove for the ground as the trailer box passed over her body hitting her car. She somehow avoided certain death. The trailer then hit a Chevy Pickup with a 16-year-old driver who was also outside his truck along with his dad 53-year-old Ruben Campbell who was hit by the trailer box and thrown to the ground.

Town of New Sharon Facebook
Town of New Sharon Facebook

It was a massive collective effort in the response. The DEP was called because the fuel had spilled from the tractor-trailer. Town of New Sharon road crews were there to spread sand and help first responders get those that needed help. Several people were taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital. New Sharon had terrible accidents beyond this tractor-trailer. One driver spun 180 and ended up in a ditch uninjured. And a couple of rollovers all happening at about the same time.

Black ice can be incredibly dangerous to drive on. Kudos to the cars that had pulled over and thank God no one died on this horrible Black Friday morning!

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