Maine is just beginning to feel the ripple effect of the mass shooting in Lewiston.

The Walmart Distribution Center at 31 Alfred A Plourde Parkway in Lewiston is temporarily closed because Androscoggin County is still under a shelter-in-place order.

The suspect in the mass shooting in Lewiston has not been caught. 40-year-old Robert Card is still out there, and actively being pursued by law enforcement. This has caused a backup of tractor-trailers trying to drop off goods. Robert Gould took video of the backup of the dozens and dozens of semis. Take a look.

WARNING: Toward the end of the video, there is some NSFW language.

As the shooting happened, the Walmart Distribution Center in Lewiston was believed at one point to be the destination of the shooter. Workers hid inside, and were then evacuated. As you hear in this video narrated by Robert, the drivers didn't know what was happening.

This is an example of the ripple effect of shelter-in-place orders. It has an eerie feeling of the shutdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. The sense of the world has stopped, but it also very much hasn't stopped.

That's the kicker. While our world in Maine has changed forever, everything keeps moving forward. No matter what happens, life continues, even though you desperately want it to pause, or even stop for a second so you can catch up.

We want to move forward, but until they catch the suspect, we are all like those tractor-trailers trying to get into the Walmart Distribution Center in Lewiston... stuck.

Shooting in Lewiston 10/25/23

Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander

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