My 80-year-old uncle Nicky loves making people laugh. Can he make Lee Goldberg laugh?


If you are wondering what the hell a Buzz Button is,'s an Uncle Nicky invention. A couple of weeks ago, he mailed me this thing. It's a button with a rubber band attached wound tight. The purpose of this contraption is to put it in an envelope and when you open it, it unfurls and scares you. Think of the ol' snake in a can of peanuts trick. It didn't exactly work when he sent it to me. I wasn't sure what was going on and I sort of unleashed the thing while still in the envelope. Let's see what happened when Lee Goldberg got the one I mailed him!


Okay, so lesson learned. I put too much damn tape on it and he COULDN'T open it. But if you listen carefully at 34 seconds hear something. You will also see Lee pause and hold the package away from him and look at it funny. THAT WAS THE BUZZ BUTTON RELEASING! Unfortunately, he ruined it. Not his fault at all, and the video is actually quite hysterical. Thank you Sharon for helping with the recording!

Back to this Buzz Button. Here is how to make one yourself. I made a video, and you can see that by winding it up it is set to go!

But I messed up a couple of things. First I had too much tape and second, I wound it too much. I actually broke the rubber band. But at that point, I thought it would still work. I was obviously wrong. Ya gotta love Lee Goldberg for playing along! Love ya Lee (and videographer Sharon!) One of these days I'll show ya how it works for real.

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