Who knew that a Domino Artist is a real job and, it gets you into Hollywood?! This New Hampshire hometown girl has hit it BIG on YouTube and in the movies.

Lily Hevesh has a unique talent that has got her working in Hollywood and, smashing it on YouTube. She is a Domino Artist. This means she constructs intricate domino setups/chain reactions our entertainment on YouTube and commercially. She began her life's work at 10 years old, and has done commercials for Ford, Honda and some lyric videos. She also created a scene in the Will Smith movie 'Collateral Beauty' and for Katy Perry. He works have been seen on major TV networks including NBC, FOX News, NickelodeonCNN, CBS, and MSN. Your jaw will drop watching these video's of her work. So cool!!

Do you find these videos to be oddly satisfying? Watch more on Lily's YouTube page!




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