Wear do you put the 'I Voted' sticker?


The Bangor Daily News reported that an unnamed woman in Exeter, New Hampshire was told she couldn't wear an anti-Trump shirt at a polling place during Tuesday's primary.  New Hampshire has state laws saying no person, 'shall distribute, wear, or post at a polling place any campaign material'. You can be fined up to a thousand dollars.

Her shirt said, 'McCain Hero, Trump Zero'. The town moderator Paul Scafidi told her she couldn't wear the shirt while she voted. He told her that the Trump Zero would have to be covered. Well, she did him one better and just took it off.

She was NOT wearing anything under her t-shirt.

Poor Paul did not want a topless woman voting, but '...she took it off so fast, no one had time to react. So the whole place just went, ‘whoa,’ and she walked away, and I let her vote.' He did say that she could have just gone into the hallway and turn it inside out. Nope. What's the fun in that? After voting, Scafidi said, the woman put her shirt back on and left.

He could have had her thrown her out for indecency, but Scafidi just didn't want to create more problems as he had his hands full with voting. Well, 15 people got an eye full at a polling place.

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