The band North of Nine is traveling across the country spreading the brand of pop-rock music with their fans and making lots of new fans along the way. Many are comparing their sounds to Maroon 5 - not a bad thing - but it's clear after hearing and seeing these guys perform, they've got a brand all their own. 

The guys stopped by the Q 97.9 studio this week and performed in our lounge for a small group of staff and guests and also gave us an exclusive interview where they talked about their experience and their goals. They're smart, creative and talented...nevermind totally adorable! Checkout what they had to say and hear some of their live performance in our video below.

Here's the official music video for their new song "Can it Be You."

Watch out for North of Nine when they come to your city. They're on their way to super stardom! Click the button below for more on the band and all the details.


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