With all of Maine under a stay healthy at home order, being able to spend time with friends and grabbing a few beers is something a lot of us are missing.

290 Maine Street Restaurant and Pub in Norway got together with 40 or so friends to toss a drink around to each other through the magic of video editing.

In a post on their Facebook page sharing the YouTube video, 290 Maine Street said, "290 misses y'all so much it hurts. Like literally Ryan cries himself to sleep. So with all this social distancing how do you share a drink with your friends? Well leave it to 290 to figure it out. Thank you all who helped make this video happen."

Everyone had a video taken of themselves catching a beer, cracking it open, taking a swig or two and then tossing it off camera to the next person. People are enjoying their drinks by a campfire, by the lake, at home, snorkeling in a hot tub and even playing beer can baseball. Then the videos were all edited together so they were all sharing a drink. Pretty clever.

The video is set to the songs "Beer Never Broke My Heart" by Luke Combs, "Cheers (Drink To That)" by Rihanna and the theme to the sitcom "Cheers," because right now we all "wanna go where everyone knows your name."

And kudos to the two people in this video who chugged the entire can of beer. Well done. Also honorable mentions to the ones who chose wine and the one who didn't drop their bottle of Jack Daniels Honey.

But, the finale is may favorite with a re-enactment of the WWE's Stone Cold Steve Austin's signature move after a win or a really good promo. Grabbing two beers tossed to him, cracking them open, slapping them together and then pouring them right down the hatch.

These are true Mainers!


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