You asked and Oakhurst listened. Milk fanatics everywhere are thrilled to try a new flavor in  the research and development phase at Oakhurst Dairy.

Sure, you've had the classic chocolate milk. Maybe you've gotten adventurous and enjoyed the strawberry or coffee milk. Let's not forget about the seasonal Egg Nog. But it seems like Oakhurst has room to expand their flavor offerings...

If we can have strawberry milk from Oakhurst, why can't we have another Maine berry mixed in with our dairy fix? Oakhurst agrees. That's why they're working on a new Wild Blueberry Milk.

Can't wait for everyone to try it! We'll keep you posted on our progress as we continue to refine the flavor.

I happen to know the guy in Oakhurst's photo announcing the Wild Maine Blueberry flavor.  He told me the blueberry flavor is "really, really good." There you have it. From the man who tasted it.

No word on when we'll be able to enjoy the new flavor at home, so we'll leave you with this photo of a cute dog playing with an Oakhurst milk jug.

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