In 1985 Ronald Reagan was President, the first Super Mario Bros. game was released and Back to the Future was in theaters. If you grew up in that era, maybe you remember this classic Oakhurst commercial that aired in Maine.

This just oozes the 80's. The young geek at his computer back when only geeks had them, talking about how much he likes Oakhurst milk with his glass next to a plate of cookies sitting in front of his Back to the Future Delorean on the desk. All while sporting a very 1980's sweater that his grandmother had probably just gotten him for Christmas along with the computer.

In case you're curious, the computer appears to be an Apple IIc which you might find in some classrooms in 1985. That computer cost $1300 which works out to about $3000 today with inflation, and that's not even including the color monitor.

The child actor in this commercial is probably around 40-years-old today. Anyone know him?





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