The vintage TV spot from 38 years ago opens with a photographer named Hal accompanied by his dog Duke. Hal is taking shots of the iconic Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick in York, Maine.

Along comes a young boy with his grandfather who asks, "Whatcha doin' mistah?" The photographer says "Hi" with a big smile and explains "I'm taking pictures of that lighthouse."


The little boy then proudly exclaims, "That's my grampa's lighthouse." Grampa then hospitably asks the visitor "Want see the inside?"


If you sense some imminent coffee time inside a charming lighthouse on the Coast of Maine, your intuition is serving you well.


Who can resist the invitation to first breathe in the aroma of a fresh pot upon entering this enchanting home and then sit for a spell with some sweet welcoming grandparents and their grandson?

Certainly not this handsome traveller. Ahhhh....there's nothing like that first sip.


Watching this commercial reminds me of staying overnight my Nana and Gramp's house when I was a kid.

I'm pretty confident that the brand of coffee was Maxwell House bubbling in the old percolator on the their kitchen counter too. Gotta love old TV ads like this.

They really do take you way back.

Here's a more recent photo from the official Nubble Lighthouse Facebook page. It's such a beautiful Maine treasure. I wonder if anybody's grandparents are in there today brewing a fresh pot on a chilly November day.

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