A railroad station built in 1906 in downtown Yarmouth has been sold and will be converted to office space.

Before automobiles became the preferred mode of transportation, The Grand Trunk Railroad carried passengers between Portland and Montreal, following tracks that traveled northwest through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont making many stops along the way.

One of those was near Main Street in Yarmouth and passengers would buy tickets and wait for trains at the train station that sits along the tracks downtown until passenger rail service stopped in the late 1960's. Today, even the freight trains have stopped ever since the current operator of the line, the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad, was granted permission to stop serving the only customer left south of Lewiston, B&M Baked Beans. This video shows a train passing the station, seen in the distance on the left, as it returns from B&M in 2010 before the line went out of regular service.

When the passenger rail service ended in 1968, the Yarmouth Village Improvement Society purchased the station to prevent its demolition. In 1979 it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. in 1976 it became the home to a florist until February of 2018 when it was put on the market.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the station is now under contract to be sold to Ford Reiche who will turn it into office space while renovating and preserving its original look.

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