For every Tuesday over 18 years, three Maine women stood on a Freeport sidewalk waving an American flag.

Nicknamed the "Freeport Flag Ladies," Elaine Greene, Carmen Footer, and JoAnn Miller took to the simple act that became an even bigger symbol in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Sadly, Footer, 81, passed away Tuesday, March 7, according to a Facebook post from the Freeport Police Department.

The Facebook post highlighted her "unwavering support" to the police department and first responders in general as well as shared its condolences to Footer's family.

The police department wished "her family peace and courage in this time of sorrow."

According to WGME, Footer, Greene and Miller retired from their flag-waving in 2019, though they did come out of retirement for one day in 2020 to honor the victims of 9/11.

The women were not only involved in the flag waving, WMTW reported, but they participated in a number of activities from mailing care packages, visiting wounded, speaking with kids at schools, and more.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins paid tribute to Footer in a Facebook post along with a picture of her and the three Freeport Flag Ladies.

She said in the Facebook post that Footer represented "the best of the United States."

Collins added, "This trio’s legacy will endure in the hearts of the countless people they inspired and the many young people they taught to respect our flag and support our troops."

WMTW reported that Greene and Miller will head back to their Freeport sidewalk corner to wave their flags in honor of Footer on Tuesday, March 21.

Rest easy, Carmen.

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