Here's an easy way to get the snow off your car. Use your leaf blower! We found this one on Reddit and we think more than a few Mainers might try this with the upcoming storm on Tuesday, and again on Thursday. It probably works best on the light, fluffy stuff but as you can see from the video when your crank that leaf blower up it just blasts the snow right off! Click on the photo below to get the video going, then watch the magic happen!

Clean off your fahkin cahs from r/Maine




Maine is looking at 2-5 inches of snow/sleet/ice on the coast for Tuesday. Inland about 5 inches and the mountains are looking at about 10 inches. Whatever you're using to move that snow around, be careful out there!  Only in Maine do we use leaf blowers to blow snow off cars and snowblowers to blow snow off roofs!


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