Opportunity Alliance needs help with their Holiday Gift Drive - they have many kids and teens that are not sponsored.

The Opportunity Alliance is looking for help sponsoring the kids 18 and under they help year round. They have 250 kids and teens who have not been sponsored yet.  Drop off deadliine for gifts is Friday, December 8th so they have time to distribute. They are in desperate need this year...a record year for need.

Here's how you can help. Case managers work for months making 'wish lists' for these kids. With most, they need winter coats or boots. You can adopt a whole family, buy some items or simply donate the money so others can buy what's on their wish list.

The deadline is so early, because it takes a huge coordinated effort to get these items to all the kids in the area.

If you can't help, it's okay. Can you share this, so that we may reach more people who may be able to help?

Thank you...

*Special thanks to Reny's who has once again offered an incredible 20% off for the Opportunity Alliance during their shopping sprees. It's an incredible savings allowing them to buy for even more kids!

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