Jake is on the left, and Jordan has the hat on to the right. They are two catchers for the 2018 Sea Dogs and they are two of the nicest guys ever...


A bonus part of the 'Welcome Back Sea Dog Dinner' to benefit The Opportunity Alliance, was having dinner with a couple of players.

These guys were amazing, and this is after they signed autographs for a full hour! Yes...I too got their autographs too!


Jake Romanski was a late sign on. The poor kid didn't even have a jersey. He came up from Florida and will be staying with a family in Scarborough.

Jordan Procyschen is a Ukranian from Canada. He's just as nice as he is handsome. He is staying with a family in the North Deering area for a second year.

They are both catchers who just want to make it to the big league. It was fascinating talking to them about what that takes. It's a lotta luck, timing and the business end of baseball. Oh yes...and skill.

The night was packed with a ton of Sea Dog fans! We all enjoyed a great ball park meal of hot dogs, hamburgers, mac and cheese, potato salad, chili and pulled pork. And yes, for dessert it was the infamous Sea Dog biscuit!



I can't wait to see my new besties Jake and Jordan catch for the Sea Dogs 25th year in Portland! Congratulations to The Opportunity Alliance for such a great night and worthy cause!  Thank you...