It's a good news, bad news for crime in Maine.

The actual number of crime reports in Maine dropped in 2017 - and that was the 6th straight year of lower numbers. That's the good news. The bad news is that some of the most serious crimes were up.

According to the Portland Press Herald:

Reported rapes increased to 448 cases from 383, a 17 percent jump attributed at least in part to increased reporting as victims feel more empowered to come forward.

What's crazy is that reports of the most serious crimes have increased, but since 2012, overall crime rates in Maine have dropped almost 50% (47 percent)!

The Press Herald reports:

Other increases in the crime data included simple assault and motor vehicle thefts, which both nudged 2.2 percent higher than the previous year.

Cases of murder increased from 18 homicides in 2016 to 21 last year, according to a summary of the new numbers.

All other categories of crime decreased for the year, both in cities and rural areas.


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