08Maya Newsam has roots in Owls Head and is happy to be the new owner of the Owls Head General Store.


Maya says that the store needs some upgrades before officially opening, but she is excited and can't wait to be open.

Owls Head General Store is the home of the famed '7 Napkin Burger'. This is the burger that the Food Network named Maine's Best Burger. This is what they said about this burger:

Owners of this old general store won't reveal their secret burger-assembly process, but the loosely packed burgers are insanely juicy — they literally fall apart in your hands (yes, they require all seven of those napkins). You can get one to go and eat it at Owls Head lighthouse, just down the road.

Owls Head General Store/Facebook
Owls Head General Store/Facebook

I'm sure Maya isn't about to give up the secret either! But we can't wait for the store to reopen and to try this messy masterpiece!



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