A vote of no confidence last week, a protest this week. It's not good news for MSAD 17.


At an Oxford Hills School District directors’ meeting last week, the teachers union had a vote of no confidence for the superintendent Dr. Monica Henson. According to WGME13, Jen Jordan the president of the Oxford Hills Education Association said that 95% of the votes were for a vote of 'no confidence'. That is a big deal. She was hired just six months ago, and a list of 27 complaints against Dr. Henson was brought up at the school board meeting. See the full list here.


Tensions are high on both ends. Claims are that the staff is afraid and intimidated and Jordan told WGME13,

There's a feeling like we're being monitored, waiting for us to mess up so that we can be reprimanded.


The Sun Journal also reported that this seems to have started over a resignation letter from Beth Clarke, principal of Agnes Gray Elementary School, over an incident at school lunch. Superintendent Henson was at the school filing in as principal and put her hands on a student to restrain him.

Dr. Henson is standing firm that she has done nothing wrong and that she has followed all protocols and is doing a great job. She also cites that no formal grievances have been filed and that the 27 complaints against her are out of the blue. See her response here.

There is a peaceful protest being planned for Saturday, January 29 from 11 am - 1 pm at 256 Main Street in South Paris. There were so many people attending the school board that people were spilling into the hallways. A Facebook group called Viking Voices was started in response to the controversial superintendent and organizing this protest.


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