At the recommendation of the Paris Police Department, Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School will have all students remote learning for two days after two students were arrested after attacking and starting a fight off school grounds with another student on Friday.

The incident was captured on video by a student and began making the rounds on social media over the weekend. It took place on a trail that runs from the high school to the middle school in South Paris that was off the school grounds. Parents in the Oxford Hills communities have said on social media that these fights have been going on for some time.

I have seen the video myself and am not sharing it because minors are involved, but it is out there. What I can tell you is that I am horrified by it and can't believe something like this would happen in the town I'm proud to say I grew up in. At one point a teenager is on the ground being punched while at least three others start kicking him and shouting obscenities, including some use of the N-word.

According to The Sun Journal, fights have been going on in Norway as well with one happening just this Sunday and parents say it's a group of about 10 teenagers that are "terrorizing the community."

With the help of the video, Paris Police were able to identify several of the teenagers and arrested and charged a 14 and 15-year-old. The department also recommended that OHCHS return to remote learning Tuesday and Wednesday, which the school has done.


This entire thing is just sad. Growing up in South Paris, there were fights too when I was a kid, but it typically was over as soon as someone connected and realized how much it hurt. This was just a senseless beat down that was unjustified. A lot of people want to blame the parents, and sure, they need to take a hard look at the situation. But to be fair, even the best intentioned parents can have difficulties with their children for all sorts of reasons. I'm just hoping the ones involved get the help they need to be better people.

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