Have you ever come across something and thought, "This can't be real life."

Like it just seems so insane that it seems like it has to be a prank. Like you're on an old episode of that Ashton Kutcher prank show from the 2000s on MTV called Punk'd.

Papi Portland

In case you missed it, there's been a massive debate happening lately surrounding one of the Old Port in Portland's newest restaurants, Papi.

Even though there's been nothing but excitement for Portland's newest Puerto Rican restaurant, it's what you first see on the outside that's caused two days' worth of drama both in the City of Portland and online.

Early yesterday, it was reported that the City of Portland's historic preservation office has an issue with the doors at the entrance of Papi -- a set of doors that were actually imported from the city of Old San Juan that brings that "Big Boricua Energy" and fits the culture of the inside of the restaurant -- and originally ordered them to be removed.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Papi Portland Door Update

Apparently since last evening on Monday, April 24, according to the Portland Press Herald, the city is currently reevaluating its decision to have the doors removed due to the fact they don't meet the standards for alterations in Portland's historic districts (the Old Port being one of those districts.)

But even though the city is reevaluating the decision, Mainers are still going at each other on the Portland, Maine group on Facebook over the whole situation.

"Unacceptable. They must keep the original historic Portland doors! This is not San Juan!!"


"The antique doors from San Juan are beautiful, but I can kind of see the other point of wanting to preserve the history and character of the district’s architecture."


"This is how they plan to keep architectural integrity?! Portland's 'charm' is long gone and a door ain't gonna bring it back."


"San Juan is another awesome old a** city on the ocean and their doors totally are a TREASURE for us to have made it here. This is so dumb."
"Rules are rules. Soooooorrrrrryyyy."
"Is the Hyatt Hotel within the historic district downtown? How could that be justified as historically consistent with the area, with that silly lollipop signage?"
"Wow….another reason why my choice to move yrs ago was justified. City is becoming a joke!"
"'Historic district' but yet 1/4 mile away are brand new high rise condos. Doesn't add up."

2023. Where we keyboard warrior each other over a set of doors.

Also, what the hell is more historic than a set of genuine doors shipped from Old San Juan? They may not be Old Portland doors, but how can you argue those doors aren't historic?

Are we sure we aren't all living a simulation of the show Punk'd?

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