After 22 years, the owners of Pat's Pizza in Bethel have decided to retire and will be closing up shop. They announced the closing in a post on their Facebook page that took the time to thank their employees personally and the community who loves them. 

Donna and John Gillis opened up the Pat's Pizza franchise in 1994 after falling in love with the town and moving there permanently. 22 years later they decided the time was right to retire and Donna wrote in her Facebook post what they plan to do next.

Twenty -Two years have gone by in a flash. We are now in our 60’s and are retiring. We built a life in Bethel, our plan at this moment in time is to stay in Bethel. To enjoy the next chapter of our lives in our home in the peace of the mountains. Or you may find me teaching a quilt class or volunteering at the Bethel Historical Society.

With Heartfelt Sincerity, Thank you for the years.

She also takes the time to thank all her employees by listing their name, how many years of service they had and what they meant to her and John. It's a heartfelt thank you to everyone that made them a success.

The last day for Pat's Pizza of Bethel is October 9.


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