A lot of college kids up in Orono know Pat's Pizza very well. It's been there since 1931! Now they've added a 17th location in...



They are taking over the former Ebenezer’s Brew Pub which closed down last summer.

According to the Forecaster

Chris Kyle, who also owns the Pat’s Pizza in Yarmouth, said the idea of opening an eatery in Brunswick has been “in the planning for about five years.” When the Pleasant Street building opened up, he said, the timing was right. “We feel like it’s a great town to do business in,” Kyle said.


SIDENOTE: I know Chris...nice guy and a super fun judge at the Yarmouth's Got Talent show. 

Chris wanted to open up for Memorial Day weekend, but alas....the best laid plans. So now he is shooting for the first couple of weeks of June!

Bring it on Chris! I need me some pizza! 112 Pleasant Street..look for it soon!

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