Ahhh, the good old days.

Something is comforting about nostalgia, the "remember when," and the callbacks to stuff from when you were younger.

Sadly, not everything lasts, and if you've lived in Brunswick or visited regularly, you'll know the changes the Maine town has been through over the years.

Where there once was a naval air station (it closed in 2011), numerous businesses and housing have popped up. Have you been to Flight Deck for a drink at their brewery?

The high school on McKeen Street moved to a new campus in 1995, and elementary schools The Hawthorne School, Longfellow School, Jordan Acres and Coffin all would eventually close their doors as well in favor of two newly built schools, Harriet Beacher Stowe School, which would open on the site of the former high school in 2011, and Kate Furbish Elementary School, which opened in 2020.

Remember the days of walking through those school halls as a student?

And what about some of the restaurants people used to go like Ernie's Drive In, Chuck Wagon, or even Danny's Hot Dogs on the mall?

It's hard not to get hit with that wave of nostalgia when you go past a place that used to be something else. I can't help but drive by the Five Guys at the Cooks Corner Mall and immediately see the old Friendly's instead.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Of course, more changes will continue to come to Brunswick (and other cities and towns in Maine), but for now, let's fondly remember some places that once thrived in the town and often still live in our minds as memories of the past.

Which one of these following 18 do you wish you could visit for just one more day?

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