For all the times I've been to Peaks Island, I never knew this existed. A really awesome World War II battle bunker was built to protect Casco Bay from any incoming enemy attack.

I know you're thinking,

"why would we need something like this? Has there ever been a war or an attack on American soil by an actual formed nation or army?"

The answer is yes, and if you don't know how or when you should read the history books about Pearl Harbor.

That being said, according to, it was built to defend the US against enemy attacks. It even was equipped with Submarine Nets inside the Bay, and they had instruments supposedly that could detect even fish moving in and out of the harbor.

Pretty high tech for the 1940s. Also, it came equipped with Barracks and a watchtower, which are also in the video below.

After the war, most people who moved on to the island that moved into the Barracks painted the outside to make him look homier.

How cool is this? All the graffiti inside would you go and check this place out, or are you too scared? I think I need to go with at least three other people. What are your thoughts?

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