For several years now the Bangor Police Department has gotten nationwide attention on their Facebook page for the witty and clever posts officer Tim Cotton (TC) has made. Everything from the Duck of Justice to his funny descriptions of everyday calls the department gets.

TC ends every post with "Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another. We will be here."  Such a simple message that has reached people all over the country that have started using it in their daily lives, including a bus driver in Tennessee who sent TC a picture of his words hanging up on the wall of his bus. It fits so well.

TC is happy to have people use his signature Facebook post closing statement "In my mind the simplicity of my standard closing statement is what allows it to be embraced by so many," he writes in a recent post on Facebook. "Kind folks have created plaques and sent them to us, demands for bumper stickers come in regularly, and of course we put it on the back of our Duck of Justice tee shirt in order to create human billboards of roving kindness. It's being used in libraries, school gymnasiums, and in classrooms across the country."

With nearly 300,000 followers on Facebook, TC has touched a lot of people's lives since taking a police department's social media page and turning it into something entertaining and informative to people all over the country.

Keep it coming TC. We know you and the department will be there. We will too.


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