A word of advice. Be sure you know the height of your vehicle when you try to drive under this railroad trestle in Saco or it may open up your roof like a tin can.

The trestle which carries Pan Am Railroad and Amtrak Downeaster Trains over Front Street near Pepperell Square in Saco has a low clearance of just 8' 5". That's plenty of room for most passenger cars and trucks, but box truck rentals like this U-Haul aren't going to make it. We're pretty sure he's not getting his deposit back.

This isn't the first time that someone tried to jam an over height vehicle under the trestle either. Just a year earlier, someone tried to drive under it with their motor home and once again the trestle wins.

This trestle in Saco seems to be Maine's version of a trestle in Durham, North Carolina. So many over height vehicles try to cram their way through that a YouTube Channel was as set up to share videos of all the knucklehead drivers that totally ignore the flashing "over height must turn" sign that they had to install.


So remember kids, watch those warning signs and if you're driving a vehicle taller than a passenger car, know its height. When the math works out not in your favor, you're going to want to find another way to the other side.

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