The Maine Turnpike Authority continues to remind motorists through social media to think as they're driving, especially when it comes to this one simple thing.

EZ Pass has been a thing in Maine for over a decade now but still manages to cause confusion on a daily basis for several motorists, specifically at toll booths. And the message seems so simple but still is a problem for many EZ pass holders today.

It goes like this, if you have an EZ Pass, use whatever lane you'd like. If you're heading south and the toll lane closest to the southern ramp is open, head on through using your EZ Pass. Don't worry, the toll booth attendant won't be offended. The Maine Turnpike went as far as to confirm that!

As EZ Pass subscriptions have risen in Maine in recent years, so has bottleneck and literal traffic jams in EZ Pass lanes. People who are "new" to the program often come to a complete stop in those lanes or go out of their way to get into an EZ Pass lane despite the fact that the regular toll lanes are wide open. Don't do it.

Continue in your lane, don't come to a complete stop and keep everyone safe!