You still need medications. That's the crazy part of this global pandemic, your life still goes on.

From a pharmacist - here are some simple rules to follow.

Greg Paramantgis from Walgreens, and former Portland 'Greg from Walgreens' on the radio, wants to share this valuable advice:


PLEASE STAY HOME, but If you absolutely must visit the pharmacy, call your prescriptions in a day or two early to avoid lingering among potentially sick customers.

If you are coughing or have a fever, do not, under any circumstances, enter the pharmacy. Contact your medical provider for further instruction. Fill out any online screening questionnaires offered by your provider before entering any medical facility for testing.

Utilize the drive thru for pick up whenever possible.

Sanitize your hands BEFORE entering to protect pharmacy staff and AFTER leaving to protect yourself.

Bring your own Clorox wipes/cleaner to clean register pin pads before use. Staff will have very limited time. Cleaning after every patient will not be possible.

Try to pay with debit/credit to avoid exchanging contaminated money.

Do not clog up pharmacy phone lines with non-essential questions.

Utilize any/all online options to place Rx orders or confirm ready status. Online services save time and will become important if staffing becomes limited.

Many pharmacies/mail order pharmacies are now offering free delivery service. Utilize these services whenever possible for non-acute prescriptions.

Most importantly BE PATIENT, we are doing our best while placing our own health at risk!

The world is a different place right now, and will continue to be for quite some time...but if we all do our part, we will get through this. Be safe.

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