This was the most fun and great event for Cans for a Cure!


This was a bike run organized by V-Twin Cruisers and it all benefited Cans for a Cure! It was amazing. The day was gorgeous, although a super chilly start! Some riders came from Vermont and rode in seriously chilly weather (30's!).

We all gathered at Big Moose Harley!


These bikers were super into Bikers for Boobies. Helping those with breast cancer was a passion for most of them. And for some, it was just a fun time to love boobies!


Yup...that's a bike with a bra on it! These bikers from several clubs, and individuals...came out as a family to have fun and raise some money and awareness!


Even Pinky (Stephen Betters) came out to ride! Hard to miss this pink teddy bear!


We made our way from Big Moose Harley (they couldn't have been nicer!) through Limington, Limerick, Waterboro over to Bentley's in Arundel. We stopped once at a scenic view pull over in Limerick. I had never seen this before - and it's gorgeous. It over looks Sokokis Lake and is just the coolest! Tried to grab some shots on the van and realized that someone got a MUCH better pic of ME on the van trying to get a shot!

Ralphy Conant

It was a great spot to stop and stretch the legs!


We made our way to Bentley's after that and got there around 1 in the afternoon. We had a 50/50 raffle, a silent auction and sold all the Bikers for Boobies t-shirts! Bentley's was ready for us! Or were they?


Close. Actually Bentley's couldn't have been nicer. This isn't their first rodeo with a bike run. We had a blast and had some good food and drink and listened to some great tunes.

When it was all said and done, we also raised some money for Cans for a CureWe raised a total of...



I can't thank all 120 riders enough. Mike, the president of V-Twin Cruisers said it best that 'we just do what we all love to do! One big family!' I think I'm a biker at heart...