If you went into a Portland restaurant, ordered a drink, and found out that you couldn't get a plastic straw with it, would that bother you?

According to Channel 8 WMTW, a ban on plastic straws could be on it's way to the city.

The Portland City Council will be begin hearing a proposal today that would ban them, in phases. First, restaurants in the city would be required to give you a straw only if you ask for one. That would begin in April of next year. Then, a full ban on them would go into effect on January 1st, 2021.

This seemed a little ridiculous to me at first, but that's before I read that Portland goes through about 100,000 plastic straws every day. That's crazy! I had no idea that we use that many. When you think of just one plastic straw, it doesn't sound like much. But 100,000 a day? That's over 36 million of them a year!

Are you in favor of a plastic straw ban? Let us know, with a comment on the post!

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