Sometimes it's simple things that teenagers come up with that make us wonder why we didn't think of that.

Nate Plourde is a 17-year-old starting his senior year at Oxford Hills and he happens to be the son with of our friends Gary and Amy who we camp with. I don't know if Nate was bored or just being ingenious, but what he showed me was awesome.

He had taken a leaf blower and placed it under a chair with the nozzle sticking up through the webbing that holds the seat cushions so that it was pointing straight up. Then he placed a wiffle ball in the air stream, which was a bit of a challenge. Once he had it there it was floating in the air where he hit it into the woods across the road.

This looks like a lot of fun for some reason and I'll need to try this myself.

Granted, the ball is a little high over the strike zone, but it works!

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