The Lewiston Police Department is warning residents that there is a bear roaming through parts of the city and sharing steps to take to keep them away from their homes.

A Facebook post on the Lewiston Police Department's page on Wednesday afternoon said that after several sightings of a bear in the area of Pleasant and Sabbatus Streets, they have confirmed there is a bear wandering around after seeing it on security camera footage. The picture we included with this article is not the actual bear spotted in Lewiston.

A Black Bear is looking out of a Forest in Canada

The Lewiston Animal Control Officer has been notified about the bear as well as the Maine Warden Service, but in the meantime, Lewiston Police recommend residents secure their trash in an area not accessible to a bear. They'll try to make a meal out of discarded food.

According to House Logic, there are a few more things you can do around your home to minimize the chances of having an encounter with a bear.

Keep your grill clean

If there's any food residue or grease left over on your grill after cooking up those delicious burgers, dogs and steaks, bears can sniff that out and smell dinner. Clean your grill thoroughly after cooking and don't leave it unattended.

Take in your bird feeders

Bird feeders are pretty much an open buffet for bears. Take them in to close the free buffet for the summer and be sure to clean up any seed underneath it.

Keep your pet food inside

If you store your pet food in a shed or garage or feed your dog outside and leave bowls of food out, it is an opportunity for bears. Keep that pet food indoors where they can't get to it.

For more tips on how to keep your home "bear proof," visit

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