Coronavirus has taught us a lot of new things...hand washing, social distancing and keeping people out of Maine.


Maine is 'Vacationland'. Hell,it's on our license plates. So, obviously, one of our biggest money makers is tourism. We love (and hate) it when tourists come! Well, a lot of part time Mainers decided to make the trip to Maine early this year thanks to COVID-19.

That got a lot of shelter in place Mainers upset. Why should we let THOSE people from _______ here? (fill in the blank with any state that's not Maine).

That has made Mainers upset when they see out of state license plates. There are reports of people getting flipped off to even a tree cut down to block out of state cars in a driveway. Fran from Bethel knew that and was tired of getting the 'bird' she made a sign for her car.

Hey Fran! Sorry you've had to make that sign. But your car has Jersey plates and that was probably the smartest sign you've ever made!



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