I don't know about you, but my first thought when I'm looking into vacation lodging is "What's available on Airbnb?" Ignoring the fact that booking an entire apartment versus a hotel room is often cost effective, I'm always drawn to staying in someone's personal home, seeing what they've done with the place, and living in their shoes for a bit. You know, in a non-creepy way.

Apparently, I'm not the only one. Maine Airbnbs have surged in popularity since its start in 2008, reports Press Herald. Vacationers staying in Maine Airbnbs as opposed to hotels or other lodging was up 62% last year, with the typical host raking in a whopping $6,900 in revenue. And frankly, it's no surprise! Between chic wedding venuesrustic cabin getaways, and downtown Portland apartments, Maine offers just about everything you could want in a vacation.

This surge may bring on harsher regulation of short-term rentals, according to Press Herald. Laws passed last year attempted to make Airbnb hosts pony up rental taxes that they were previously skirting, but regulations are difficult to enforce on airbnbs throughout the state. The City Council is poised to vote next week on rules that would prohibit unhosted rentals and greatly limit hosted stays in the city, Press Herald reports.

I'm just hoping we can all come to an agreement that allows for safely regulated stays while still providing those fun, quirky lodging options I've come to love. Who wants to stay in a hotel all the time?

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