The holidays are so much fun for all of us especially local business owners and restaurants because it gives them the ability to show their spirit.

Many chefs and cooks are thinking of new and inventive ways to incorporate the holidays into their dishes, and Cushnoc Brewing Co. has done it!

Cushnoc Brewing is a popular restaurant and brewery in the heart of downtown Augusta that offers wood-fired pizza and much more. This Thanksgiving they are offering their customers a Thanksgiving-style pizza.

Cushnoc Brewery Co. via Facebook
Cushnoc Brewery Co. via Facebook

If you are a pizza lover like me then this pie will definitely impress you.

According to their Facebook,

You don’t want to miss out on our Thanksgiving Pie- it only comes once a year!

Oven roasted turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, red onions, stuffing, cheddar cheese, our special orange-cranberry sauce, and chives.

I believe this pizza will sell very fast! Pizza is so rad because it's everything you like all in one bite and Cushnoc is nailing it with this holiday pie!

The extra ingredients are so Thanksgiving, too. We're talking turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and more.

It makes me hungry for Thanksgiving already. I wonder how many I could eat?

If you're interested in biting into this holiday magic head on over to Cushnoc Brewery Co. and grab their Thanksgiving Pie! 

What would you put on a Thanksgiving pizza? Are there any other pizza places out there that do something similar? Let us know!

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