Look for a new nostalgic looking sign to be lit up on Forest Avenue in Portland this Friday.

"Hopeful" is a message being sent by Speedwell Projects art gallery in this piece of art created by Charlie Hewitt of Lewiston. It's a temporary art piece that was put in place on the roof of the gallery at Woodford's Corner in Portland and has an official name of A Hopeful Prayer For Portland.

The sign is built to resemble road side signs from the 50s and 60s the would typically feature arrows pointing to a business with elaborate letters lit with incandescent bulbs. arrows and light bulbs.

The sign will be officially unveiled and turned on in a ceremony at Speedwell Projects on Friday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and will coincide with the closing of Henry Wolyniec's Relief exhibition.


In an interview with WMTW, Hewitt said that his piece was made after the roadside signs he saw as a kid and that he hopes it sends "the promise of something better."

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