According to WMTW, as of Wednesday morning, three seriously injured firefighters remain hospitalized after the horrifying blast in Farmington on Monday.

Larry Lord, the maintenance worker at LEAP who evacuated the building, is still in critical condition at Mass General in Boston, the news station reported.

The Portland Firefighters Children's Burn Foundation is taking donations to help with expenses for the victims and their families such as hotel rooms for the families, food, travel and various expenses that insurance doesn't cover.

The foundation also provides home modifications that might be needed to deal with new limitations, runs support groups for burn survivors and their families, provides special equipment, and they also run Children's Burn Camps.

It's a volunteer-run foundation with no paid positions. The same men and women that work so hard to save lives and property are dedicating their few free hours to improving the quality of life for those who have been affected by a fire.

The Portland Children's Burn Foundation is a resource for hospitals, other fire departments and rehab facilities that work with burn victims.

You can support the foundation and the Farmington victims and their families by donating here.

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