Holy cow a sixth-grader from Lyman Moore Middle School will be at the Super Bowl and will be in an NFL commercial!

According to the Press Herald, 12-year-old Stella hang from Portland  was picked as the only kid to represent all of New England and the Patriots! Her parents sent in video of her playing flag football for an open casting last November. The NFL will also be have an ad called 'Next 100' that will be on right before the kickoff on Sunday. So, millions will see it!

Stella is in some pretty amazing company. Only 32 kids ages 9 to 12 will be in the commercial. A description for the commercial says that the kids will appear

alongside a wide variety of NFL Legends and other notable personalities.

She was surprised at school and of course said the one thing that we all would say,

OMG, I feel like I'm gonna pass out!

Since we can't root for the Patriots this year, we might as well root for Stella!

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