Terri Anthoine is a long time listener of the Q and a dear person. She lost both legs when a man hit her with his SUV in a parking lot in Portland - one week ago.


What is insane, is that I didn't realize this was OUR Terri. I reached out to her on Facebook to ask...'Is this you?'

Yup. She wrote back saying that 'You're a little behind the news girl LOL'. She is goofing with me while in the hospital!

The man who hit her had a suspended license and was driving an unregistered or inspected SUV. He's 82 and facing charges.

Meanwhile, poor Terri has a huge long tough road ahead of her. She works here in our building at One City Center and she is part of our Q family. I am amazed at her strength and want to help as much as possible.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help with expenses in the future. Like, making her home wheelchair accessible and helping her eventually get prosthetic legs so she can continue to live her life as she did before the accident.

Please, please, please...if you can help out at least help spread the word - it would be so appreciated.