Rescue 1 of the Portland Fire Department had an unusual call that some ducklings were trapped in a storm drain.

In a Facebook post on the Rescue 1, Portland Maine Fire Department page, three members of rescue one are at an unnamed business parking lot looking down into the storm drain where twelve ducklings had fallen in. The mother duck was nearby waiting as the crew worked to free them.

A search on Google "baby ducks in a drain" shows this is a rather common occurrence and they have been several rescues all over the world of ducklings who have fallen down into a drain. Usually, the mother duck walks over the grate and the baby duckling follow right behind and are small enough to drop right through the holes one by one. Luckily, shift 3 of Rescue 1 was able to get all twelve ducklings out safely and back to their mother that was standing nearby, patiently waiting to see what happened.

After saving the stuck ducks, Rescue 1 was off to another call to a walking trail off Rowe Avenue after a hiker fell 20 feet down into the base of a waterfall. It was a steep climb down so a technical rope rescue was performed to get the hiker out and treated.

Big thanks to all of the men and women who serve on the Portland Fire Department to be there when both humans and animals need them. Hopefully, the momma duck quacked a big thank you as she walked off with her 12 ducklings.

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