Winter is coming. It's not just a motto for House Stark from Game of Thrones. It also means difficulty is coming for the elderly who are unable to keep their walkways clear of ice and snow. That's why the Age-Friendly Portland Steering Committee is looking for volunteers to lend a hand.

Not all of those who are 65 or older are physically able to keep their walks clear and safe for themselves and not all have children or grandchildren who are able to help. That's why the Age-Friendly Portland Steering Committee is organizing a drive for volunteers who can shovel an elderly neighbor's steps and clear a path from the sidewalk to the door to allow them to get in and out of their homes safely. The path also clears that way for mail carriers, emergency responders, Meals on Wheels deliveries and anyone who needs to have access to the home. Volunteers will be assigned a person whose steps and walkway they will agree to clear for them after each snowstorm.

It's such a simple gesture that can mean a lot for someone who is unable to do the task on their own and something they will be super grateful for.

If you live in the Portland area and would like to lend a hand, contact Linda Weare of the Portland Office of Elder Affairs to learn more and to sign up. You can email or call 207-541-6620.

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