Taco Trio in South Portland is going through some growth as it moves into a bigger and better location and begins work on a second location.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Taco Trio owners Karen Rasmussen and Manny Pena had plans to renovate their Ocean Street location, but the cost to renovate the old building it was housed it was just too much.

So at the end of October, they moved into a much newer building and the former location of Big Babe's Tavern at the corner of Ocean and C streets. For over 50 years, the site was the location of The Griffin Club where sports legends such as Ted Williams, Jim Rice and Luis Tiant all visited at one time or another for a drink or two. It was torn down in 2018 and replaced with a modern building that Taco Trio now occupies.

It has much more seating available both indoors and out, and Taco Trio inherited the bar from Big Babe's Tavern, which they didn't have at their original location at the roundabout in Knightville.

They aren't done yet though. A new location in Saco is under construction at 27 Elm Street in Saco, the former location of Skipper's Seafood.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Keep your eye on this building for Taco Trio to pop up soon.

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