If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. And it'd be keeping it in the family, too, which is even better.

For clarification, not in the way Arkansas is rumored to "keep it in the family." But since the Portland Sea Dogs are the AA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, it makes perfect sense to borrow this date idea from Fenway Park and do it at Hadlock Field.

Bumble IRL

A couple of days ago, Fenway Park transformed into a TopGolf course in a collaboration with the dating app Bumble for their Bumble IRL experiences.

Basically, Bumble IRL is putting on updated "singles mixers" from back in the day, but without all the pressure to actually make a connection with someone. Throughout the country, they've collaborated with different businesses to hold events with the intention of meeting new people.

Singles can show up with their friends, siblings, or best wingman/wingwoman and either enjoy it as a night out with said friends or even maybe meet the eventual love of their life.

Google Maps / OnlyInBos via Instagram
Google Maps / OnlyInBos via Instagram

Hadlock Field

Since, like their parent team the Boston Red Sox, the Portland Sea Dogs are into their offseason, why not put on events like this at Hadlock Field? Sure, during the offseason there are always improvements to be made in time for next season, but a few one-off events won't keep that from happening.

Sure, Hadlock is nowhere near as big as Fenway, so maybe instead of transforming the home of the Sea Dogs into a TopGolf course, you sell tickets to watch a movie on the jumbotron before the winter really comes and settles in.

Or hell, even borrow a page from the TopGolf night at Fenway but adapt and make a temporary mini golf course. The options are endless.

Kayla Farmer
Kayla Farmer

Because if one thing is for sure, it's that the interest would be there. In the comments section of the post about the Fenway TopGolf night made by the OnlyInBos Instagram page, multiple people said if they knew about it, they would've gone.

If you build it, Portland, the Mainers will come.

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