It may be one of the most said phrases among single, divorced, and widowed people -- dating sucks. Dating truly feels impossible in 2022, especially since we live in a digital world.

Dating Apps

While dating apps are meant to make life easier and more digital-friendly in a world where we all basically live behind the screen of a smart device, it actually makes it a bit more complicated. For some people legitimately looking for love, they connect with someone who only "swipes right" for a quickie.

Other people looking for an honest relationship end up connecting with someone who ends up being the exact opposite of who they present themselves to be, and don't find out until they're a bit already emotionally invested and finally meet in real life.

And that's where Bumble steps in.

Maxence Bouniort / OnlyInBos via Instagram
Maxence Bouniort / OnlyInBos via Instagram

Bumble IRL

Earlier this year, the dating app Bumble (which actually allows women to control whether or not they choose to connect with someone) rolled out its Bumble IRL Experience. Basically, it's an old school "singles mixer" reimagined.

Throughout the year and the country, Bumble has partnered with various businesses and locations to put on events with the hopes of attracting singles to either have a fun night out with friends or possibly find love.

One of those events happened a couple of nights ago at Fenway Park.

TopGolf Boston

While it was announced earlier this week that the TopGolf brand would finally be opening its first location in New England, Fenway actually transformed into a makeshift TopGolf course for one of many Bumble IRL events happening in Boston.

If you want to get in on the action, there's another Bumble IRL event happening down in Boston this Saturday. You can actually get the full list of events and locations on the Bumble IRL website.

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