Portland was originally supposed to yank the outdoor license for restaurants on November 1st...but it's been extended.


Aimsel Ponti from the Portland Press Herald did some digging and found her favorites around Portland that have changed to accommodate the weather that's coming.

She brings up some good points about eating in cold weather. Is there another state in this country willing to bundle up to have someone else cook their meal? We've been lucky so far this year, because the weather has been record breakingly warm! We've been spoiled. I went out for a couple of drinks and wore my jacket outside with a tiny bit of a chill in the air. But would I brave temperatures that are typical in December? The average temperature for Portland in December is 37 degrees.

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Google Maps

37? My refrigerator is set to 38! But Portland is a foodie town and these restaurants need me...and you! And the good news about outdoor winter dining? You could have the worst hair day ever - just put a hat on!



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